Why We Exist

Ross County, Ohio is full of resilient, creative, intuitive teenagers who struggle to see past daily school and family struggles to a bright future. It’s also full of patient, supportive adults who want to invest in this community but don’t know where to start. The Paper City Mentoring Project exists to connect teenagers to committed adults for a mentoring relationship that can help them discover their potential and worth.

That kind of impact can inspire a teen to take action to create a future free from crime, addiction, and poverty. We also believe teens who connect with a mentor will pay it forward and mentor teens in the future, ending negative generational cycles and creating a ripple effect for positive change in our community.

Why Mentoring?

What We Do

– Train and equip adults to mentor teens

– Match mentors with local high school students who could use someone in their corner

– Watch those mentor-mentee pairs grow as they learn from each other, are challenged, and have tons of fun with no strings attached

– Help facilitate a healthy mentoring relationship that can last far beyond graduation

Become a Mentor